Shoe Clips

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- jazz up your shoes with handcrafted shoe clips -

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'I hate my feet,

but the clips help hide that fact!'

'I only ever wear flats.

Great that these clip onto my trainer laces too'.

'I gave up on beautiful shoes when I needed to be comfortable'.

'I'm resigned to boring shoes!'

'I wish I could have attractive shoes, but my feet say, no!'

'I didn't know this was a thing!'

'Perfectly matched in with my outfit.'

'Ah - I can bling up my shoes!'

'My orthotics means I can only

wear frumpy shoes. But with these I can really go to town!'

'I almost upstaged the bride!'

'Perfect gift for my daughter in law, thank you'.

'Your range in store is huge.

Love that there's a theme for just about anything.'

'I wanted to shop local and have

a little momento of Norwich.'

'Great idea! I have so many shoes

I don't wear because there's something about each of them I don't like.'

'So convenient, and I don't actually  feel them. I was expecting rubbing or snagging on my tights.

'Photos don't do them justice.'

'They got so many comments'.

'A smile on my feet.'

'The whole bridal party looked amazing!'

What some of our clients have said...